Victoria Cosmetic Dentistry

At Coastline Dental, beautiful smiles are kind of our thing. We love to help you keep them healthy, and we love to have a hand in creating them, too. Cosmetic dentistry procedures let us do just that. With these modern techniques, we can keep our patients' smiles looking, and functioning, their best.


Veneers are a great choice for anyone with stained, discoloured, or crooked teeth. Veneers do exactly as their name suggests; they cover up the imperfect surface with a thin layer of porcelain veneer, permanently bonded to the tooth. Minimally invasive and long-lasting, veneers give you a smile makeover in a short time.


A step further in veneer technology, Lumineers work in the exact same way as porcelain veneers. However, since lumineers are exceptionally thin, they require less preparation on your existing teeth, and can be completed in less time. While traditional veneers may take some adjustment time, lumineers immediately feel as good as they look!


Tooth contouring is the practice of removing small amounts of enamel with a drill in order to fix misshapen teeth, chips, uneven tooth length, overlaps, minor bite issues, and more. Quick and painless, this little fix can have a big impact!


Bonding uses dental materials to hide minor tooth defects, such as chips, gaps, and stains, and to repair broken or decayed teeth. The bonding is done with tooth-coloured composite resin, just like filling a cavity, and hardened with a special light. Easy and effective, bonding can make a big difference for those little imperfections.

Ceramic Crowns

Many patients who need crowns are concerned they won't match the rest of their teeth. If you want to make certain you have the best possible result from your procedure, with the most natural looking result, ceramic crowns offer the same reliability and functionality of a traditional crown with top quality natural appearance.

Remember what your mother always said: your smile is your best accessory! Make certain yours is the best it can be with our cosmetic procedures, and see what a difference an improved smile can make in your life.

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