Victoria Dentures


Permanent tooth loss happens for lots of different reasons. Disease, injury, genetics, damage... the list goes on. But no matter the reason, people who have experienced permanent tooth loss need options for replacing those teeth. Eating and speaking properly – not to mention maintaining their appearance – depends on it.

Full dentures are a popular choice for replacing a full set of missing teeth, and it's no wonder – dentures have been around for many years precisely because they are economical, durable, and look good. Today's dentures are more advanced than in years past. Artificial teeth are set into an acrylic base, made from custom molds of the patient's mouth in order to provide the best fit and most natural appearance. As they're removable for both cleaning and adjustment, dentures are an excellent choice for tooth replacement.

If you need dentures to get back to looking, talking, and eating like your old self, let Coastline Dental help you! We've got all the options to get you looking and feeling your best again.

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