Victoria Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

Are you up to date on your routine dental appointments? It can be easy to put off those yearly dental appointments in our busy lives, but it's important to keep on top of them. Those routine visits are also known as preventative dentistry, because it does just that: prevents you from developing more serious oral health issues.

Regular appointments are vital to your good health. It isn't just a matter of giving your smile its yearly polish! The services you receive at your routine appointment all form the basis of preventative care. Cleaning, scaling, and polishing your teeth remove plaque and hardened plaque deposits (tartar) from your teeth, preventing further issues like cavities and inflammation. Xrays let us keep tabs on what's going on beneath the surface, so we can pinpoint and diagnose any issues that are developing below the gumline, and also give us an overall view of your mouth. Fluoride nourishes your teeth, strengthening them and helping to prevent cavities. And proper brushing and flossing education lets us make certain you're continuing all this good work at home by maximizing your time and skill with your everyday dental health tools.

Routine appointments are a lot more than just cleaning your teeth, and you get a lot more out of them than just a freshly-cleaned smile! Preventative care is worth its weight in gold, so don't skip those regular appointments. Instead, come visit your friends at Coastline Dental, your partners in oral health for a lifetime!

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