Victoria Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

We pride ourselves on our good relationships with our patients... so it can be a little hard to believe that some people are still afraid of the dentist! But it's true, and quite common. Many people deal with fear of the dentist (or, more accurately, fear of dental procedures), and it's no joke. Dental anxiety can prevent people from keeping up with their routine dental care, or from seeking help when there's a larger problem. And when that happens, you're risking your oral health.

Sedation dentistry is an exciting new option for people with dental anxiety, patients who must undergo long procedures, or others who can benefit from an easier time in the chair, such as the elderly and young children. The higher level of pain relief offered through sedation dentistry is also an important advance for patients in these situations.

Safe and effective, we are happy to offer you these sedation procedures:

Oral Sedation

The most common form of sedation, oral sedation is mild and often used with children to help them sit through a dental procedure. The dentist will prescribe a pill to be taken before the appointment, which will help to calm and relax the patient. The patient may get drowsy, but likely won't lose consciousness.

IV Sedation

A deeper level of sedation, IV sedation will still allow the patient to remain awake (though falling asleep isn't unusual!). The levels of medicine in the IV can be adjusted to maximize comfort and to fit the needs of the individual patient. Usually, it works so well that the patient can't clearly remember their appointment. It also completely alleviates pain, so it helps both those who need pain relief and those who are anxious.

Don't avoid the dentist and risk long term problems. Ask your team at Coastline Dental about sedation dentistry, and relax your way to better oral health!

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