Victoria Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The last molars to show up in your jaw are known as wisdom teeth, as they arrive later in life. When there's room in the jaw for the teeth, they can come through without issue, but frequently when they arrive there's no more room at the inn – and that can lead to a host of issues.

When there's no room for wisdom teeth, they become impacted: stuck in the jaw, and unable to move. Sometimes they may move sideways into the jaw, disrupting the placement of other teeth, but most commonly they get stuck, causing pain, infection, and ultimately, damage to the other teeth and jaw. For impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is the best option.

Wisdom teeth removal is performed under sedation. The dentist extracts the teeth and stitches up the gums, then sends you home to heal with instructions on how to care for your extraction sites. Most people heal with no issues besides some localized pain and swelling, but if something arises, your team at Coastline Dental will make sure that you have the care you need.

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure, and Coastline Dental provides it with compassion and skill. We're always a smart choice!

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Horizontal Impaction Wisdom Teeth Horizontal Impaction Partial Eruption Wisdom Teeth Partial Eruption