One of the ways we make certain we are always offering you the utmost in dental care is through the constant updating and maintenance of our dental technology. These high-tech instruments are vital to quick and accurate diagnosis, making them a cornerstone of Coastline Dental's commitment to our patients.

Our technology includes:

Intraoral cameras

These tiny cameras do big work, getting inside your mouth without any discomfort to you and delivering us detailed views of teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. Their image and zoom capabilities allow us to see anything we want in minute detail, making them an important tool for accurate diagnosis and informed treatment plans.

Digital X-rays

Who's ready to say goodbye to holding that cardboard square in their mouth at x-ray time? There are no more bitewings with this new advancement in dental x-rays, just a small sensor to take the images of your mouth and transfer them to the computer for viewing and enlarging. Easier, more convenient, and 90% less radiation – now that's a technological advance!

Panoramic X-rays

In order to get an entire picture of your mouth, we used to have to take a series of x-rays and put them together. Now, with panoramic x-rays, we get the whole picture in one shot. In fact, we can get a picture of the whole of your mouth and jaw in one image. Ready in seconds, this convenient x-ray gives us a terrific starting point for diagnosis and creating both treatment and orthodontic plans.

Cephalometric (Ceph) X-rays

From the Greek kephalos meaning “head”, these x-rays go one step further than a panoramic x-ray, giving us an image of the entire side of the face and head. Ceph x-rays are invaluable when the dentist needs to examine the cheekbones and jaw. These are especially useful for orthodontics and TMJ diagnosis.

3D CT Scans

Incredibly advanced, and very safe, this 3D CT scanner is a special type of x-ray that provides a highly detailed three-dimensional image of your teeth, tissues, nerves, and bones. When looking at wisdom teeth, endodontic issues, or dental implants, these scans give us valuable diagnosis and treatment information. It's quick, comfortable, and does not emit high radiation.

Laser Dentistry - Soft Tissue

The soft tissues of your mouth are very sensitive, and as anyone who has needed soft tissue work (like a frenectomy, gum grafting, or gum shaping) knows, the idea of sharp instruments around them can be nerve-wracking. Modern dentistry to the rescue again! Laser dentistry is the latest advance in dental technology, using a hand-held device with a laser to complete these types of procedures, quickly and virtually pain-free. Patients love the ease of both procedure and recovery, and no need for stitches. This exciting new tool isn't available everywhere, so be sure to ask your team at Coastline Dental about this, and other recent additions to our technology supports.